Wednesday, January 28, 2009 should be changed to PETA.ORGY


I just watched CNN’s report on PETA's Veggie Sex Super Bowl Ad being Rejected by NBC.

PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I guess they care more about animals then about women.

Gosh, the ad makes me feel so mad.

As a supporter of eating more veggies and eating less meat, I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the back.

While I support PETA’s idea in general, and I think the women in the ad are beautiful, I find the ad offensive to women. And to vegetables too.

It makes me angry.
It makes me feel like I don’t want to support PETA at all!
And it makes me want to go and buy a double big Mac cheeseburger Whopper with an extra patty today just to make them mad back!

What am I talking about?
From this web site:

“The New York Post's Page Six reports that NBC has rejected a Super Bowl ad from animal rights organization PETA due to its hypersexualized nature:
NBC pulled the plug on a PETA pro-veggie commercial planned for the Super Bowl because it "depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards," according to NBC Universal's advertising standards executive, Victoria Morgan. The ad, which carries the tagline, "Studies Show Vegetarians Have Better Sex," shows lingerie-clad stunners getting "intimate" with vegetables.”

Watch/read more about it here
or here
or here

What do you think about this?

Don't worry, I did not go to McDonald or Burger King today. (And I never will, unless it's the last place on earth that has food, even then it's a maybe).

From an organization named "Ethical Treatment of Animals" I expect to be just that – ethical. And I think PETA would have better results achieving their goal of people eating less/no meat – if that is really their goal – by showing people the horrific videos they made depicting how the animals are being treated. And I'd say that will be a more family friendly ad than a woman licking pumpkin. It looks to me like PETA is not focused on that goal.

I estimate that plenty of women will not support "the cause" because of ads like this one.
You can say many things about broccoli and pumpkin but I wouldn't say they are sexy. No.
I think that many people who never heard about PETA will not get the proper message about the animals and eating meat from the sexy veggie ad.

I watched the videos with the animals on the other hand. It made me change my habits. It was very very effective. Watch it, click here.


inbal d said...

I agree completely, it's so aggrevating! I think it is as controvercial as some of their other actions in the name of animal protection (I do support better treatment of animals and farm animals in specific). I view them as trying to be provocative as an extreme way of drawing attention. For me, it also pushes me farther away from them. said...

I'm at a loss for words. Between someone thinking this is OK, to the banks wasting their buyout money, I just don't understand what people are thinking.

Susan said...

There’s a lot of judging going on by people who haven’t even seen the PETA ad in question. And think of this: The Super Bowl is now as popular for the ads it runs as the actual game those ads sponsor. That makes the Super Bowl a political machine, subject to the ills and evils of political correctness. Case in point: The uproar garnered by the Jackson/Timberlake boob-bearing fiasco a few years back. Who remembers, or even cares? Did the world come to an end?

Now this: Super Bowl ad organizers “reserve” unclaimed spots for non-profit/charitable entities; ostensibly “in the public interest” but more likely for purposes having to do with its own tax benefits. Now, when an advertiser shows up, willing to pay top dollar, the "discounted" ad gets bumped.

I read the linked-to CNN-NBC report (the website of which has no small number of ads which I thought were “offensive”). While the description of the ad, taken at face value, sounds a bit off-color, even lewd, isn’t it just like half the other ads most parents let their kids watch? What about the violent video games willingly purchased for kids? Or, in large strokes, the various environments they're subject to daily: school; the mall as babysitter; bad marriages with abuse. The list goes on.

Assuming you’re not planning to sequester your children inside the house until they’re of age, they’ll do battle with the offensive for a lifetime. That’s just part of life!

PETA is a worthy, hard-working organization that’s been made a political scapegoat. Everyone who judged the ad without seeing it first-hand should be ashamed of themselves. And boy, do we have very short memories! Why was GoDaddy’s ad featuring a scantily-clad, large-breasted woman allowed to air a few years back? It was deemed lewd and sensational, yet was aired anyway.

If you’re this up in arms over a PETA ad featuring models cavorting with innocuous vegetables -- aired at an hour when most under-age children who might be "harmed" by seeing such things should be in bed anyway -- then I hope you never allow your children to view a Victoria’s Secret ad, or read a Sports Illustrated, or in that case ever watched cable TV, the news, Seventeen magazine, etc.

If you still believe that Super Bowl organizers were right to toss the ad, which could have brought PETA the publicity it badly needs, then you must be one of those people who walk thru life wearing selective blinders; lucky you.

Do this: Look at your beloved pet and give him, or her, a big hug. Know how blessed you and they are not to live and die under the most horrific, sickeningly abusive circumstances you or I, or any feeling human could ever imagine. Know that PETA’s goal in creating a “sensational” ad was to save the lives of many animals, and that this good work was stopped because of the politics of greed and political correctness. If you’ve got a beating heart, every idea of what you consider “offensive” will be turned on its head. I promise.

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. PETA is definitely an extremest organization when it comes to the campaigns they choose to use to protect animals. The ad they wanted to air during the Superbowl is another way they tried to take things a bit too far! They tend to push the limits, maybe that is how they get their publicity! Who knows, but we need to also think about the ethical treatment of our children