Monday, November 3, 2008

Recipes that don’t work

I really really, really, really, don’t like recipes that don’t work. (And this is a nicer way to say it than: I really hate recipes that don’t work).
The average cookbook cost $20-$35.Not to mention the cost of ingredients and my precious time. So I really want recipes to work.
Whoever wrote the recipe is making money when I buy his/her cookbook; this is their job, to write recipes, so I want to recipe to work, don’t you?!

I like to bake a cake every Friday because it is so nice to have a cup of coffee and a home-made piece of cake on Saturday morning, and afternoon, and on Sunday too.But I really don’t like it when the recipe doesn’t work and instead of a lovely cake, I end up with this:

No need to say that my cake looked totally different than the photo in the cookbook.
It was supposed to be a cheesecake with streusel topping.
When I started making the cake, I felt there is a chance that the recipe is somewhat inaccurate, but I followed the instructions word by word and this is what happened:
* The amount of dough needed a larger pan size, so I used a pan 1-inch larger than the recipes asks for.
* The amount of filling needed a totally different kind of pan, much bigger and taller. But it was too late to change because I already put the dough in.
* Baking time was way off. It needed an extra 30 minutes.
* The streusel topping was still unbaked even after 60 minutes in the oven.

Here is what it looked like before going into the oven.

And I AM a good baker. And a smart one too. This is why I place my cake pans on a larger baking sheet every time I bake. And this is my advice to you:

Every time you bake, always, and I mean ALWAYS, place your cake pan inside a sheet pan before you bake it.

All the filling spilled over. What a mess! At least it spilled into the baking sheet and not inside the oven. Then I would have been really really angry.

Well, that cookbook goes to the garage. May it R.I.P?


Modified from A cake for the weekend: Cheesecake with streusel topping disaster

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Maggie said...

That after picture is too funny! Did the recipe really call for a tart pan?

My own personal conviction is that more than half of most cookbooks are recipe they throw in to make the book bigger.