Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby First Food Words

I was “reading” this book titled “Food” to my little girl, she is 9 months old. The book has 18 first words to teach your baby about food.

Then I have noticed that 6 words out of 18 are sweet food words.The words are: gingerbread man, cookie, orange juice, cookies, doughnut, and candy.
There are actually 2 pages with a photo of candies which is how the "book" ends.

Well, how else can a baby ask mommy and daddy for juice or a cookie? Hmm.

And my question is:
Are these the most important food words a baby needs to learn?

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Diana said...

that's awful! I've heard from a few sources that children tend to prefer the tastes their mother ate while she was pregnant with them. Fortunately I eat pretty healthy and a wide variety so hopefully if I keep unhealthy "food" books away from our future children we'll do okay. It pains me to walk by an elementary school and see all the children who have such unhealthy diets.