Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sex, food, and the Food Network channel – “Oh, yeah, Baby”.

(First, my apologies in advance if someone feel hurt by this post. I have nothing against skinny/fat, old/young, blond/brunette, male/female, short/tall, with boobs or without, etc, people. Just trying to get my point across. Thanks, Nurit.)

I don’t watch the Food Network channel anymore.
I think I gave it up sometime after real chefs, like Wolfgang Puck and Jamie Oliver (Oliver is now back, I think), stopped airing and the Food channel added more shows with box/can-opener-cooks. I lost interest.
I know how to open a can and box by myself. I sure don’t need a skinny lady with big hair to show me how to do it.
THAT, in addition to all the “Oh, yeah, baby”-ies made me lose my appetite for the Food Network channel.

I don’t want to see a 60-years-old lady moaning and groaning over a baked potato. It’s only a potato... So what if is it loaded with butter, heavy cream, and bacon? I’m sure it tastes good. (Although surely will give me a heart attack if I eat that way every day). Just stop harassing the innocent potato.

I don’t want to see a woman cooking pasta while her boobs are steaming, sorry, eh, staring at me over a pot of steaming water. If it is that hot in CA, why not open the window instead?

I don’t want to see a middle-aged guy on food TV telling me “oh, yeah, baby” while handling a raw piece of meat. He is rubbing and rubbing it with spices. And then… “Bam!” he startles me.

I don’t want to see another wannabe “chef” show me how to chop a cucumber and moan “ohhh, it looks so good already. I can’t wait to try it”.

Oh, I could go on and on, rant, rant…

But really, I mean, come on, people! Where have all the REAL chefs gone?
Why have most disappeared from the food channel?
Not sexy enough?
Are they too chef-fy and don’t connect with “the people”?
Will “the people” get scared if they see more real, professional, chefs/cooks who can actually cook?

I’m sure the Food Channel would have turned Julia Child away if she wanted to have a show over there these days. They would probably say she is not sexy enough, too old, hair too curly, has an accent, oh, and she mess up sometimes.

BTW, I do really appreciate the chefs and cooks like Jamie Oliver, Bobby Flay, Ina Garten, Tyler Florence, Rachel Ray, and others. They know how to cook, make it simple, down to earth. They are real professionals.

But please, PLEASE, no need to sell “the people” sex to make us cook more often.
Remember those days when advertisement used to show sexy women to sell cars???? This is just like that.

And do I get inspired to cook dinner for my family, kids included, because of a cleavage?
Oh, yeah, baby. Ah, NO.
Do you?


Inbar said...

you know what they say - the way to a man's heart goes through his stomach....

Joseph Tkach said...

I'm sorry, but, Rachel Ray? In what universe is she a real chef? She practically defines box/can opener cook. I'd take Emeril over Rachel Ray, any day.

Nurit from "1 Family. Friendly. Food." said...

Inbar: what about women in their 30-40-ies in families with kids?

Joseph: Rachel Ray is under the “cooks” part. I’m not a big fan of hers myself, but I did made a few hamburger recipes and a Mac and cheese that were quite good. Personally, I would like see more real chefs on the Food network. But I can see her appeal to those people who don’t like to cook but still do it. She makes it easy and quick for them to be in the kitchen. I think it is better than going out or ordering junk, no?
And I can surely SEE the breast appeal to some viewers as well. But I rather not see it. Enough with the boob close ups?

Really interesting to read Wikipedia’s definition to boob: An error, A fool or idiot, Boob tube, slang for a woman's top or a television set, Booby prize, a joke prize usually given in recognition of a terrible performance or last-place finish.

charcuteire said...

Two of the people you are objecting to are real chefs with real credentials. One with Bam and one with boobs.

My wife is of the opinion on the latter is that it is to get men to to tune in. She is also of the opinon that the Semi-Ho color coordinates her underwear to her table decorations.

We don't watch much of the food channel anymore because much of the programing no longer appeals. Essentially your argument is correct.

I've just found you, I think via the yummy mummy and will be back.

I can't sign in here using my normal handle, as you don't have that option turned on. Normally I post as ntsc.

My wife's menu blog is here: and my name on this post should lead you back to mine.

inbal d said...

I agree in general, but there's a "but" :-). I agree with Joseph about Rachel Ray. Emeril is a rare chef in terms of his vast formal education and experience, and it's a shame he needs to use yeah baby to get people to listen, but it looks like that's what sells. Money makes US go arround, and the food channel is no different. Breasts (and I'm not talking chicken) sell! It's all about the money.