Monday, October 27, 2008

A perfect cup of coffee – Greenlake Zoka, Seattle

This Sunday the weather was perfect, sunny and nice, so going to Green Lake Park in Seattle was a very good idea. We have friends who go there frequently, rain or shine, or snow, so we joined them this time. The park is lovely, a nice walk around the lake, a playground the kids love, beautiful fall foliage, and a blue lake sparkling in the sunshine.

And every time we are in Greenlake area, we always stop by Zoka Coffee Roaster & Tea House for the perfect cup of latte and a perfectly roasted fresh coffee blend to take home.
Greenlake Zoka is one of my favorite coffee shops in Seattle.

The only thing I still don’t get is the people who LIVE in the coffee shop. Do you know what I mean?
My friends say that it has been weeks since they could finally grab one available chair to sit on. They usually have to buy their coffee to go since the place is crowded all the time with customers who seem to be sitting at the store ALL DAY LONG, usually with eyes fixed on a computer screen.
I think it is really outrageous, and I wonder what coffee shop owners think of the people who buy a cup of something and practically move in to live there.
Do you think those customers share the payments of the store’s lease too?
Maybe they should.

Anyway, this post is about Good Food and Zoka Coffee Roaster & Tea House is certainly one.

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