Friday, October 3, 2008

Organic food – my comment on Blogher

Below is my comment on Blogher on a post about this topic.

The way I see it:

Will I spray a bleach solution in my mouth as long as I am sane? No.
Will I swallow hormone pills if I don’t have to? No.
Will I take antibiotics when I am not sick and without a doctor’s prescription? No.

I think this is what I/you do when you don’t make a choice for organic food, or at least spray-free, hormone-free, antibiotics-free food.
Real food is more expensive than processed food. Produce is very expensive and organic cost even more. I think the more people buy organic, the prices will go down.
The way I see it, there are enough factors today to make us ill – air pollution, stress, etc etc. We don’t need to add more to our bodies. My common sense tells me – I prefer to pay more for good food, than pay my doctor and suffer medical procedures. It has kinda become my motto in life.
I care for my, and my family’s health. We can go on and on about this and do our homework/research etc, but my common sense says to me: eating pesticides, hormones and antibiotics is not good for me.

I used to be a researcher in my previous career and I have learned that when a scientist wants to prove a point, they will find the data to support it. Same goes for the food producers and retailers. They want to sell you their products and will conduct a “research” to support their products. Same goes for the USDA. As I have seen in the movie “the Future of Food”, they have people with different interest working there. Some used to have jobs in giant food corporations before going to work for the USDA, hmmm, so they have their own agenda. We, the little people, are not always the ones they see first and care about. We need to take care of ourselves and think what’s good for us.

I feel passionate about supporting small local, family-owned farms, and small local, family-owned businesses in general. Because if we don’t, a few years down the road, there will only be a few bigger than life corporations who will sell us what they choose for us. We won’t have a freedom of choice on what to buy, where, when, and the price and quality of the products.

I wrote a few posts touching this topic on my (other) blog “1 Family. Friendly. Food” relating to the subject:
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Good health to everyone, and enjoy food!


Carla said...

"I think the more people buy organic, the prices will go down."

I sure hope that's the case. Of course buying organic locally in season is the most cost effective.

World Flavors said...

I (want to?) believe the forces of supply and demand will lower prices. it won't be an elite thing as it is now, or crazy foodies or heaklth fanatics who are willing to pay the high prices. I have encouraging thoughts regarding grass-fed beef in the next post ;-)
regarding local agriculture, prices are lower if you buy at a fram stand (if you have any close to your home, see my posts on farms in my other blog:

Jim Scardelis said...

I'm not sure I get the "spray bleach in my mouth" portion of this posting. Bleach-based sanitizing solutions are actually extremely safe, since they quickly return back to their consitutent components as they dry, which is why bleach + water is the most commonly used sanitizing solution in food service.

I would certainly put the breakdown components of bleach (sodium hypochlorite) into my mouth -- they're just water & salt. See this page on the Chlorox site for details.

Nurit from "1 Family. Friendly. Food." said...

Yes, they do use bleach in the food industry: 1 tablespoon bleach with 1 gallon of water, considered to be safe.
But I would still not drink it as much as I won’t eat something when I know it was sprayed with pesticides. (Not knowing is a different thing). That was my point.
How can people knowingly say “yes” to sprayed food? I hear people say it. They don’t say “I can’t afford non-sprayed food so I’ll take the sprayed one”. I hear people saying “oh, I don’t care about pesticides”, and this I just don’t understand.
And, it says on my bleach bottle: “harmful if swallowed”…

John said...

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