Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grass fed beef – part 3: How much does a hamburger cost?

I Googled “how much a hamburger cost” and found some interesting things.
I also went to three popular hamburger places which I haven’t visited for many many years, to do some research. (I sure am glad I stopped by before it was lunch time!)

So how much do you pay for a beef burger (without the fake fries and extremely large size of soda)?
I checked in four places: McDonalds (I don’t even know how to correctly spell “McCdonalds”), Burger King, Red Robin, and Whole Foods. In the first three places the employees didn’t know for sure how much meat the patty has. No, not even in the quarter-pounder patty places, ha ha ha, so I assume each burger sandwich to have a total of about 8 oz. (2 * 2 quarter pound patties = 8 oz. = half a pound).

Here are my findings:
$3.89 for Big Mac
$3.69 for Double whopper
$9.79 at Red Robin for a 6 oz. patty including fries and condiments, so let’s say it’s $4.89 for the burger
$3 for 8 oz. of raw grass-fed beef. All 100% beef, no fillers (bread, corn, msg, cardboard, whatever…). Of course, you’ll have to cook it at home (but I’m sure your kitchen is much cleaner).

And then I thought, what are the ingredients in a McDonalds burger anyway? Apparently, I’m not the first to ask. I found some funny answers here and here. Of course McDonald claims it is all beef, without elaborating too much. For example, would you like to know which parts of the cow, how or where they were raised, what did they eat – corn/grass/other cows? You really need to read between the lines (like their “farm fresh” lettuce, you might want to ask yourself, if you care, was it sprayed with chemicals, for instance).

Vegetarian of course will address the question of cost in a totally different way. But for now let’s focus on the monetary side.

Boy, all this hamburger talk ruined my appetite, but I am hungry, so I’ll go and have some leftover beef stew. Meanwhile, you do the math (cost, health, taste, etc) and decide where will you buy your next hamburger?

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Vered - MomGrind said...

Interesting article.

I haven't set a foot in a fast food restaurant since I became pregnant with my second daughter, seven years ago.

We do buy organic beef and poultry. I just wish it wasn't so expensive!